Start the New Year with Intentions of Living your Life with Increased Presence and Calm

UNCW Sponsored Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Pain Mgt Course

Research shows it takes 8 Weeks to Form a Habit...Good or Bad

Immerse yourself in this course that has the potential to bring many positive changes to your life! 

Learn how Mindfulness Practices can help to decrease stress and bring increased joy and satsifaction to your life.

Topics covered will Include:

Awareness of Thoughts that can increase rumination and catastrophic thinking

Mind Body Connection

Exploration of Stress Triggers and Habitual Reactions to Stressful Events

Living Life OFF "Auto Pilot"

Mindful Eating 

Mindful Communication

Improving Life Balance




Location:Center for Workforce Development on College Road by UNC Campus

Easy Access Parking at Front Door

Jan 10th - March 6th 

9:30am-12n  Friday Mornings


Jan 16th - March 5th

6-8:30pm Thursday Evenings