$10 drop in or $85 for 10 Class Pass

Stretch and Restore Yoga

Mondays 10:30-11:30 


Start your week with this relaxing  and rejuvenating class! We combine stretching and restorative poses. Optional 15 minute extended relaxation/svasana at end of class. Stay when you can! 


Classical Yoga

Wednesdays  9:15-10:15


All Levels. Step out of Auto Pilot, Reconnect, Renew and enjoy this Alignment Based All Levels Yoga Class. We will move from stretching through invigorating poses into Calming and Relaxation. All poses, integrated with the breath, will be presented at different levels of challenge to meet the needs of everyone, regardless of practice experience. No need to sign up in advance. 

Restorative Yoga

Thursdays  3:15-4:15

Restorative Yoga is a series of poses in which you are effortlessly and completely supported with bolsters, blankets and pillows. This practice creates a deeply relaxing, healing and meditative experience.

Restorative poses are sequenced to alternately stimulate and relax the body helping to create a sense of equilibrium. Poses provide an opportunity for releasing of different areas of the body along with joint opening and muscle relaxation. The outcome is a general sense of deep relaxation, opening and rejuvenation.

While beneficial to all, Restorative Yoga is especially effective during times of increased stress related to illness, injury or major life changes. All levels of practitioners can benefit from this practice. No prior yoga experience is necessary. You only need the ability to get up and down from the floor.


YOGA and Mindfulness Practices



Trying to find the right fit for you?  Not sure how you would feel about joining in a Yoga Class without trying it first? 

Let "Yoga come to You" help out!

Home, Office, Vacation Spots?

Small Neighborhood and Friends Groups

Want to try Mindfulness Practices?

Learn the basics of Meditation to help you start your own home practice.We'll bring that to you as well! 


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Currently serving Wilmington, Kure Beach, Carolina Beach 

Follow this link to see Research about the potential benefits of Meditation.

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